New policies of integration make the link between Paraguay and South Korea strengthen eliminating intermediaries and opening up the possibility of exploring the Paraguayan market.

The Direct trade doors will soon be opened between Paraguay and South Korea reported the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Paraguayan products would no longer be marketed to South Korea through intermediaries in the United States and Canada, the direct link created between Paraguayan exporters and Korean importers, will emphasize strategic alliances between entrepreneurs of both countries under the vision win-win.

For the Korean businessmen, began an exploration of the business market in Paraguay, especially in the food sector, such as chickens, pigs and organic products, chia, sesame, organic sugar, ka’a he’e (stevia) and food for animals.

South Korea is a market of 50 million people with high purchasing power, its development is unique and at the same time, is one of the centers of development of high technology, very interesting products for assembly of medium and high tech technology.

Fulfilling the goal of achieving a real direct trading will become REDIEX´s priority for the next 6 months; who will work directly with the Korean Association of Import.

The Paraguay now passed, a policy of full integration into the world and Korea, the insertion will occur in markets and technology.