It is very complicated for a data subject to exercise its rights with regards to information held by the French secret services, as their rights can only be exercised indirectly through the CNIL. In this case, a data subject filed with the CNIL an indirect subject access request to obtain his personal data contained in the file of the Defense Intelligence and Security Directorate (DRSD). According to the data subject, this file contained inaccurate data on their record of past criminal activities (TAJ) as the criminal proceedings in question had been closed without further action. The CNIL does not always provide information on whether it has been able to exercise the rights of the data subject and whether the intelligence services effectively hold information on the data subject. This was the case here, as the CNIL only stated that “it had carried out the verifications requested and that the proceedings had been completed”, without further information. The data subject filed an appeal with the State Council. On 5 May 2017, and following investigations, the State Council ordered the Minister of Defense for the first time to erase the data which was illegally present in the file.