In addition to a lawsuit filed in Illinois and two filed in New Jersey, a fourth has been filed against Subway Sandwich Shops Inc. in Pennsylvania, alleging that the company’s “Footlong” sandwich “consistently measures significantly less than twelve inches in length.” Roseman v. Subway Sandwich Shops, Inc., No. 130102647 (Philadelphia Cnty. Pa. Ct. Com. Pl., filed January 24, 2013). Information about two of the other lawsuits appears in Issue 468 of this Update.

The Pennsylvania complaint alleges that this size discrepancy “is not an accident” and that the company knew about the discrepancy “since Subway named its large sandwich the ‘Footlong’ sometime prior to January 24, 2007.” Seeking to certify a class of all persons who purchased a “Footlong” sandwich from a Pennsylvania Subway restaurant since that date, the plaintiff, a New Jersey resident who purports to work in Pennsylvania and regularly purchased the disputed sandwiches in Philadelphia, alleges violations of Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law. He asks for damages, treble damages, attorney’s fees, costs, and injunctive and declaratory relief. See Law360, January 15, 2013.