British suspect embezzles DH 1.4 million from Dubai-based businessman

A British suspect has been charged with forgery and embezzlement after duping a businessman in Dubai. The suspect claimed to be assisting the businessman in cancelling his Dubai trade licence and incorporating a new company in Abu Dhabi. Shortly after the businessman had wired Dh1.4 million (USD 380,000) to the suspect, it emerged that the documents for the Abu Dhabi based company were forged. A criminal complaint was lodged, and the suspect was due to appear in the Dubai Court of First Instance in January but failed to show up. He will therefore be sentenced in absentia later this month.

Duo imprisoned for attempting to sell 50 sports cars using forged documents

A Syrian businessman and Jordanian mechanic have been sentenced to different jail terms after selling 50 cars to a Saudi merchant using forged papers. The three men entered into an agreement for the sales, under which the Saudi merchant paid Dh7 million (USD 1.9 million). When the defendants failed to provide the cars and the required, authentic papers, the Saudi businessman complained to the police in Dubai. The pair were convicted of forging documents and swindling money from the Saudi businessman, and the Syrian defendant was convicted of forging further documents on top of these. Both defendants were sentenced to five years' imprisonment, however the Syrian's sentence is to be reduced to two years. The reasons for this reduction remain unclear.

Suspects appear in court for deception and bribery in obtaining bank loans

Four men have appeared in court, accused of fraudulently obtaining loans of Dh2 million (USD 545,000) through bribery and forgery. Two of the suspects were employed by local banks, and agreed to assist the other two suspects in obtaining approval for bank loans using forged documents, in return for commission. The forged documents included trade licences, salary certificates and photocopies of passports and Emirates ID cards. When the defendants approached an employee at a different bank and offered to pay him commission in return for approval of a loan, this employee reported the men to the police. He then pretended to agree to their offer and, once the loan was ready for collection, the four men were arrested by the police. Two of the suspects have pleaded guilty, and the other two remain at large. The case has been adjourned until February.