Environmental activist Erin Brockovich uses the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) recent determination that genetically engineered salmon is safe for human consumption and requires no labeling as such to rally consumers into action against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in a December 1, 2015, opinion piece in Time.

“The biotech industry and the FDA have hijacked not only our basic rights as consumers, but also our fundamental human rights in the face of corporate monopolization of our food supply,” Brockovich said. “They are jeopardizing our health and the environment more than ever before. When will the government agencies put in place to protect us stop servicing the bottom line of corporations?”

Brockovich briefly reviews the findings of various agencies and organizations worldwide, ultimately imploring readers to “help spark a larger conversation about the food we are eating in this country” by voicing their GMO-related concerns to federal lawmakers.