1. Barclays is in talks with Irish regulators about expanding its presence in Dublin in the run up to Brexit. Barclays quoted “In the absence of certainty around….an agreement, we intend to take necessary steps to preserve ongoing market access for our customers”. BBC News
  2. At least 15 Conservative MPs are in talks with Labour to defeat Theresa May’s hard Brexit. Stephen Kinnock said there was a “growing recognition” of the need for Britain to embrace a Norway-style arrangement to head off the threat of severe economic damage. Given the Prime Minister’s precarious working majority of just 12, a group of 15 rebel Tories could be sufficient to defeat the Conservatives in any Commons vote. The Independent
  3. Theresa May has been warned of an “immense constitutional crisis” if she goes ahead with a key Brexit bill without devolved governments’ consent. Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones said the repeal bill, to convert current EU laws into UK law, was a “naked power-grab” which he could not support. He has joined forces with SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon to oppose the bill. BBC News