The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) sustained a pre-award bid protest because the solicitation, which contemplated the award of two Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) contracts for food distribution services in Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan, did not adequately describe the basis for award. PWC Logistics Services Co., B-400660, Jan. 6, 2009. The solicitation divided the requirement into two zones – one with an estimated value of $7.85 billion and the other with an estimated value of $1.58 billion – and stated that the DLA intended to award each zone to a different contractor. Although the solicitation identified the evaluation factors that the DLA would consider in determining the most advantageous proposal for award of each zone, the solicitation was silent as to the basis for determining which zone an offeror would be awarded if its proposal was found to be the most advantageous for both zones. The GAO concluded that this was inconsistent with the Competition in Contracting Act requirement that agencies identify the bases upon which offerors’ proposals will be evaluated. The GAO further noted that this omission was particularly significant here where the estimated value of one zone was nearly five times greater than the value of the other zone.