According to a survey by RICS, a lack of demand from clients is preventing the industry-wide adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM). The survey revealed that 46% of those who replied claimed that minimal client demand for BIM was hindering its use on projects. The survey also found that while 100% of respondents reported that they are now using or considering using BIM, 49% have not actually implemented a BIM strategy.

A current absence of standards (17%) and insufficient IT and technology systems (15%) were also stated to be barriers to the use of BIM by those surveyed. The survey also revealed that while 75% of those who responded to the survey have had some involvement with BIM, less than half those who replied have worked on a project where BIM was used in the past 12 months. Despite this, 50% are already investing in BIM training.

These results appear to indicate that RICS, government and other industry bodies need to take collaborative action to support the construction industry in its adoption of BIM.