In Appeal Decision No.10306106450, the MOEA held that the term "use of a registered trademark" under Article 5 of the Trademark Act refers to when the owner of a trademark has the subjective intent to use the trademark in connection with selling the goods/services in the marketplace, or when the trademark is used for designated goods/services, or when the trademark is used in connection with marketing activities in the media.  Also, under the Act, the territoriality principle is applicable, meaning that the geographic region within which the marketing takes place should be within the territory of Taiwan.  In the present cancellation case concerning the mark "Cosmedics", the registered owner submitted a magazine containing an advertisement showing the trademarked products, but the magazine was published in Japan, and both the cover and the advertisement were in Japanese.  As such, the advertisement was to promote the marketing of the products in Japan, rather than in Taiwan.  Even if the magazine was imported into Taiwan for marketing purposes by a third party, or if it was available for local consumers through the Internet, the magazine, by itself, still cannot be construed as evidence that the registrant has promoted the trademarked products in Taiwan so as to constitute an appropriate use of the trademark in dispute.