Spanish authorities are among the European authorities with a deeper access to the citizens personal data. In theory, everything falls within the eyes (the computerized yes in particular) of Spanish Inland Revenue Service “Agencia Tributaria“. However, the Agencia Tributaria is aware that tax dodgers are clever as well. They know the usual techniques of the Agencia to gather information and escape them very much like militant groups try to escape satellites screening by knowing their orbits and passing times.

So, the Agencia has decided to use new techniques. It is using a software capable of processing, selecting and collecting information hosted in Facebook or Twitter in order to have access to the taxpayers’ networking and online activities. After some outcry in the Spanish media, taxmen clarified that it shall be only a complementary source of information that they shall use will use only when taxpayers are already being investigated, rather than taking a “Big Brother” approach monitoring all online activity of everyone paying taxes in Spain. Although the Agencia will only have access to the taxpayers’ public profile, it does not exclude to have access to the private profile upon obtaining the correspondent judicial authorization.

In 2014, the Tax Agency had a record revenue of €12.3 billion, which seems to be 12.5% more than last year and reflects that fight against fraud has been intensified.