Recently, the headmaster of a Florida prep school was let go and, as a result, sued the school for age discrimination. A settlement in the amount of $80,000 was achieved after the parties engaged in mediation. As is often the case with such litigation, the settlement agreement included a confidentiality provision, the terms of which prohibited the parties from discussing the settlement.

The headmaster proceeded to tell his daughter about the settlement who then posted it on Facebook, telling her 1,200 friends (many of whom were affiliated in one way or another with the prep school) and the rest of the world that her parents “won” the lawsuit and that the prep school was now paying for her vacation in Europe.

As a result of the daughter’s conduct, the settlement was vacated. The Facebook post cost the family $80,000 and the lawsuit was dismissed.

Confidentiality agreements are designed to make sure that information remains confidential. That means not sharing the information with co-workers, family or certainly, college-age children.