Legislation that would create a registry for pharmacists to cross reference prescriptions filled by other pharmacists will undergo hearings June 16 and June 23 in Harrisburg before the House Human Services Committee.

“The goal of the bill is to prevent people from going to several doctors and pharmacists to get multiple prescriptions for pain killers and other powerful drugs,” said a spokesperson for Gene DiGirolamo, RBucks, the sponsor of the legislation. “The registry will enable pharmacists to check one another to see when the prescription was last filled.”

In a statement, DiGirolamo said that he believes that by creating an online registry of pharmaceutical disbursements, doctors and pharmacists can keep track of dangerous prescription drugs and be alerted if someone is suspected of “doctor shopping” or “pharmacy shopping.” The practice occurs when people seeking drugs go to several doctors or pharmacies who do not know their medical histories and might be more inclined to arbitrarily prescribe medications.