HC Communities and Local Government Committee: Adult social care inquiry: the Committee has launched an inquiry into the financial sustainability of local authority adult social care and the quality of care provided. It will examine whether the funding available for adult social care is sufficient for local authorities to fulfil their statutory obligations to assess and meet the needs of people requiring care and support. This includes looking at the impact of policies such as the National Living Wage and the two per cent council tax precept. The inquiry will also explore the role of carers and look at alternative funding models for financing and providing care. It covers all adult social care provided or commissioned by local authorities and not just the support given to elderly care users. The deadline for written submissions is 19 August 2016. (9 June 2016)

HC Public Accounts Committee: Personal budgets in social care: this reports warns that stronger measures are needed to safeguard the interests of adults receiving personal budgets for social care. The committee calls on the DH to set out clearly to local authorities and providers 'what high-quality and proportionate support looks like' and how much it costs, and recommends a range of analytical and other measures to safeguard users' interests and the social care market. (8 June 2016)