Written by: Jukka Pello, Attorney — Dottir Attorneys Ltd

Proposal Seeks to Create a New Form of Working Time

Proposed Bill or Initiative

A government proposal seeks to specify the scope of application of the Working Hours Act, particularly with respect to employees in leading positions or otherwise having the possibility to determine their own working hours. The amendment would allow flexible working hours, so employees could, in principle, determine their working hours and place of work independently. According to the proposed amendments, maximum limits for overtime work would also no longer be applied. The bill is expected to be submitted to the parliament in the spring of 2018.

Bill Seeks to Restrict Zero-Hour Contracts

Proposed Bill or Initiative

The Parliament is expected to consider enhancing employees’ protections regarding the so-called “zero-hour employment contracts” (which are subject to weekly working hours that may vary, e.g. from 0 to 40 hours). Such contracts would be restricted to situations where the employer has a varying need for labor, and employers would need to provide employees with an estimation of the anticipated amount of work. In addition, employees’ right for sick pay and for “notice period” pay cannot be affected by an employer’s unilateral supervisory actions.