Following the death of a man in a two vehicle car crash, a Coroner has commented on the risk that drivers who are not safe to drive for medical reasons pose to themselves and others, and has stated that: "it is essential that when a person has a diagnosis of dementia medical practitioners caring for them (including general practitioners) have a low threshold for ascertaining whether the person is still driving and, if so, for ensuring that the person's fitness to drive is assessed if the medical practitioner has any concerns in this regard". The Coroner noted evidence suggesting that a lack of funding for the assessment was a "major obstacle" and recommended that the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport, and NZ Transport Agency consider whether an "occupational therapy assessment of fitness to drive or other approved test (that includes on-road testing) should be mandatory where medical practitioners require assessment of driving risk for people with dementia or other cognitive impairments" and whether funding should be made available for such testing. Kenley [2011] NZCorC 69