Commission has sent a Statement of Objections to alleged participants in a cartel for flat glass

The Commission has confirmed sending a Statement of Objections to a number of undertakings alleging their involvement in the price fixing cartel for flat glass products, thereby violating Article 81 of the EC Treaty. The Statement of Objections was based on conclusions drawn from the Commission’s investigation which started with inspections at the companies concerned in February 2005, the Commission’s subsequent investigation and on information supplied by the companies under the Commission’s Leniency program. Before taking a final decision on the imposition of fines, the companies have the opportunity to defend themselves in writing and request an oral hearing before the Commission. [14 March 2007]

Commission warns Microsoft for failing to comply with its interoperability obligations

The European Commission has sent a Statement of Objections (SO) to Microsoft for failing to comply with the obligations imposed by the Commission in 2004 with respect to the disclosure of complete and accurate interface documentation to allow non-Microsoft work group servers to interoperate with Windows PCs and servers. According to the Commission, Microsoft provides no significant innovation in the interoperability information provided to third parties and find that the prices proposed by Microsoft are unreasonable. Microsoft has the opportunity to reply to the SO within four weeks. If it does not satisfy the Commission’s objections, the Commission may impose a daily penalty for failure to comply with its 2004 decision. The Commission has not yet taken a position on whether the interoperability information provided is complete and accurate in accordance with its decision. Having consulted the Monitoring Trustee, which has been appointed by the Commission, as well as its technical advisors, the Commission concludes that Microsoft’s licensing offer contains virtually no innovation to solve interoperability problems. [1 March 2007]