Yesterday, Tenaska Inc. announced a plan for a proposed coal-fired power plant that would capture 90% of the carbon dioxide emissions. The captured carbon dioxide would then be used for enhanced oil recovery in the Permian Basin. The plant has many steps to go through before it can become a reality. The first step in filing an air permit application with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has taken place. The proposed 600 MW plant would cost close to $3 billion and would result in a number of jobs during the construction of the plant. The captured CO2 that would be sold to oil producers would add about $1 billion per year to the Texas economy. The decision on whether to move forward with the plant won't come until 2009, but many are hopeful about the possibility. Texas State Senator Robert Duncan said, "It is exciting to see this innovation coming to West Texas. Tenaska's approach to energy generation through the capture of 90% of carbon dioxide and reduced water consumption is unique, and we West Texans pride ourselves on seeking new ways to achieve better results. We expect a strong partnership with Tenaska that will revolutionize this industry."