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The Osceola Expressway Authority held a public meeting last Thursday night to roll out five alternative alignments of where their proposed roadway extension will be located. Project engineers attempted to explain to a packed house the process and need for the parkway. We were in attendance to see these proposed corridors and help property owners determine which ones would or would not impact them.

Many home and property owners indicated this was the first they were hearing of the parkway potentially impacting their homes or property. This is alarming. Even worse, many of these owners were even more confused and surprised to find out their properties, many of which are in Orange County, are being threatened by the Osceola County Expressway Authority.

Pursuant to legislation the Governor is expected to sign soon, the Orlando/Orange County Expressway Authority will become the Central Florida Regional Expressway Authority which will have board members drawn from Seminole, Orange and Lake Counties. Osceola County was to merge into the CFREA, but that was delayed by certain legislators who fought to delay the Osceola County Expressway Authority’s absorption until 2018, giving the Osceola Expressway Authority time to complete 3 major projects, including the extension of Osceola Parkway. Given the significant opposition that showed up to make their voices heard on Thursday, some serious decisions need to be made and quickly so that these hundreds of property owners, home owners and developers are not stuck in limbo waiting to find out if their property will be impacted.

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