The GDPR brings in a set of uniform rules across the European Economic Area and will apply directly to controllers and processors of data.

Its reach is wider than the existing Data Protection Directive, as it gives more control to individuals over the use of their personal data and will be more consent-based than current data protection laws.

There are also substantially more significant sanctions that will be imposed for data breaches under GDPR, being up to a maximum of either a fine of €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover, whichever is greater.

Preparation for GDPR compliance may take a business some time, but we have a team of dedicated experts on hand to help your business put in place the policies and processes it needs to be fully compliant.

Whether it's creating a map of the data in your organisation, implementing a strategy, training your employees or creating a privacy notice, our team is here to advise you during the entire process to ensure you're ready in time for May.