The Medina school district has saved over $500,000 this year through a program that reduces unnecessary energy use, reports “At night, the lights in the parking lot are turned off unless there’s an activity. On the weekends and during school breaks, whole sections of the school sit idle in energy-saving mode,” according to the article. Jon Burkhart, Medina school district’s director of business affairs, said, “A great way to save dollars is through energy use. We’ve tightened things up so we’re not wasting money.” Improvements including indoor lighting upgrades, demand control ventilation, building automation system upgrades and more were made possible by Ohio House Bill 264, which “allows school districts to borrow limited amounts of money for efficiency improvements without asking taxpayers to pass a ballot issue,” the article reports. Other changes include motion sensors that turn lights on only when rooms are in use and variable frequency drives for the heating and air conditioning systems that keep fans from running all the time. For more, read the full article.