This is available via the following link: summary-of-reports-and-responses-under-rule-43-of-the-coroners-rules2.

Rule 43 reports are issued by coroners to prevent future deaths. The seventh report covers the period from 1 October 2011 to 31 March 2012. More Rule 43 reports have been issued during that period than in any other six month period since the reports were first published over four years ago. Although hospital deaths remain the most common category of death resulting in a Rule 43 report, reports in relation to mental health deaths have increased. As with previous reports, issues with communication and failure to follow procedures and protocols are major trends across all categories of death.  

Rule 43 reports are set out in more detail if the reports are thought to have wider implications. One of the highlighted cases involved a baby who died of septic endocarditis and myocarditis against a background of an abnormal aortic heart valve. Evidence was heard at the inquests that Vitamin D deficiency had been relevant to the fast progression of the infection. The Rule 43 report required the Department of Health to consider raising public awareness of Vitamin D deficiency and the need to prescribe supplements to at risk groups. As a result, the Chief Medical Officer wrote to health professionals reminding them to consider supplements for at risk groups. There have also been various press reports highlighting the dangers of Vitamin D deficiency.  

The eighth report will be published in March and it will be interesting to see whether the trend for more Rule 43 reports continues.