The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) issued a press release warning Russia’s coking coal producers that disseminating information about future prices can be interpreted as a competition-restricting concerted action, which is subject to administrative and criminal penalty. The FAS reports that “media, including Internet sites” have been publishing information that Russia-based companies will be increasing prices of coking coal by 30-40 percent. In 2008 the FAS fined three different company groups over a billion Rubles for abusing their dominant positions in the market for coking coal.

Violations for competition-restricting concerted actions are subject to an administrative fine ranging from one-hundredth to fifteen-hundredths of the violators income in the market where the anticompetitive behavior occurred. Violations are also punished by a criminal penalty of up to six years imprisonment and a fine of up to one million Rubles.