The caretaker period for the 2014 Victorian election will commence at 6pm Tuesday 4th November 2014, (unless the Legislative Assembly is dissolved before this date) and continues until the election result is clear or if there is a change of Government, until the new Government is appointed.  

During this time it is customary for Governments to assume a ‘caretaker’ role and not to make decisions that will bind a future government.

During the caretaker period the business of government and routine matters continue, however, the Government should avoid:

  • implementing major policy decisions that are likely to commit an incoming government;
  • making significant appointments; and
  • entering into major contracts or undertakings.

Public Sector employees in accordance with the terms of their employment are required to remain apolitical and avoid involvement in political activities at all times. Employees should be more vigilant of the risks associated with personal use of social media during this period and should refer to relevant departmental policies and guidelines on how to minimise these.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet have issued Guidelines on the Caretaker Convention, these provide guidance on handling Government Business during the election period.