While some Republicans on the House Public Utilities Committee questioned the fairness of incentives laid out specifically for wind turbine development in House Bill 190 (HB 190), the bill’s co-sponsors, Representatives Tim Brown (R-Bowling Green) and Tony Burkley (R-Paulding), responded that “extending incentives for wind turbine development in the state would pay dividends by attracting ‘green’-minded tech companies” to Ohio, Gongwerreports. Rep. Brown argued that “having a broader wind energy portfolio in Ohio is key to attracting high-tech businesses whose stock is held mostly by investors who want environmentally-friendly options available in the states where they create jobs.” The bill would extend an “Ohio ‘payment in lieu of taxes’ [PILOT] program” that has already been extended twice. The PILOT program would allow “wind turbine owners to pay local governments $9,000 per megawatt (MgW) in revenue rather than an estimated $40,000 MgW in tangible personal property taxes (TPP) assessed on utilities,” according to The Hannah Report. Additionally, the bill would give county commissioners the option to waive the new setback requirements for wind turbines “and reestablish the prior setback instead (see our June 18, 2014 blog post for more),” Gongwer reports.