GOOGLE’s appeal filed with the Supreme Court against the action by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has been rejected.

The appeal was lodged by Google, Inc. and Google Ireland Limited as part of their dispute with the FAS on the action taken against them for violation of competition laws relating to their pre-installed applications in Android OS devices.

The dispute between GOOGLE and the FAS has been proceeding since 2015, when the FAS ruled that GOOGLE had abused its dominant market position with regards to the pre-installed app stores on the Android OS devices. As a result, the company was ordered to pay a fine of RUB 438 million.

GOOGLE tried to appeal this decision to the Courts, first to the Moscow Arbitration Court and then to the 9th Commercial Appeal Court.  However GOOGLE has also faced difficulties in the Courts.

The Supreme Court’s rejection is a further set back to GOOGLE.