The communications sector is the third largest industry sector in the UK, accounting for approximately 8 per cent of GDP. The UK Government is therefore keen to “secure Britain’s place at the forefront of the global digital economy”. In October 2008, the Government announced the “Digital Britain” action plan on the future of the digital and communications industries. The action plan aims to encourage innovation and investment in the digital communications sector and to develop a strategy for a fully digital Britain. By 2012 the Government wants:

  • universal access to broadband;
  • highly capable and robust networks;
  • the UK to be in a world leading position in the communications and creative industries; and
  • high quality digital delivery of essential public services.

The Government appointed an independent panel of experts to assist in the preparation of the Digital Britain action plan report and they have now published an interim report setting out a number of specific actions which will be required in the following areas if the aims identified in the action plan are to be achieved: next generation networks; universal access to broadband; the creation of a second public service provider of scale providing competition to the BBC; the modernisation of wireless radio holdings; digital radio; digital content rights; and enhancing the digital delivery of public services.

The Government is currently consulting on the interim report and is planning to publish the final report this Summer.

Click here to access the interim report