In preparation for the implementation of the new point-of-consumption regulatory regime, the Gambling Commission has published an update to its testing strategy document, which aims to assist licence holders with compliance with the Remote Technical Standards.

Importantly, for those operators and suppliers stepping into the British regulatory environment for the first time, the Commission has confirmed how they will be flexible regarding testing procedures as the new regime kicks in.

The Commission acknowledges that “many games currently available to British consumers via EEA or White List (inc Gibraltar) regulated operators have not been tested against the RTS and, in keeping with the intent to reduce the regulatory burden on the gambling industry where appropriate and justified, we have looked on a risk basis at ways to manage the transition of these games and products into the regulated British market”.

The Commission confirms that “previous certification of products or games against other EEA or White list jurisdictions by independent test houses, including those that have not been approved by the Commission to test against the RTS, will be accepted (subject to certain conditions) where the testing and certifications have been conducted prior to implementation of the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act”.

A reminder though – all products still need to be RTS-compliant, independent of any testing certification process designed to evidence that they are.

The new testing strategy guidelines can be found here.