On June 15, 2016, the European Banking Authority published its annual report which provides a review of the EBA’s work in 2015 and sets out key areas of focus it has forecast for the short term future. The EBA lists its achievements in 2015 in the following categories: (i) completing the Single Rulebook and enhancing consistency in prudential regulation; (ii) concluding the regulatory framework for effective recovery, resolution and deposit guarantee schemes; (iii) strengthening supervisory convergence and ensuring the consistent implementation of supervisory and regulatory practices across the EU; (iv) identifying, analyzing and addressing the key risks in the EU banking sector; (v) protecting consumers monitoring financial innovation and ensuring secure and efficient payment services across the EU; (vi) international engagement; and (vii) working on cross-sectoral issues. The EBA's list of key areas of focus for 2016 includes, among others: (i) promoting a common approach to the calibration of the leverage ratio; (ii) enhancing the framework for credit risk; (iii) reviewing the impact of proportionality; (iv) resolving Europe’s legacy assets; (v) promoting compliance, comparability and consistency for supervisory practices in the EU; and (vi) monitoring supervisory convergence through onsite reviews. The report also annexes a financial report which contains the EBA’s financial performance in 2015, budget results and a summary of budgetary execution in 2015.

The report is available at: http://www.eba.europa.eu/documents/10180/1495214/EBA+Annual+report+2015.pdf