Craft brewers applying for a permit/license or other approval from the U.S. Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (“TTB”) can minimize delays, complication and confusion by working closely with a brewery lawyer throughout the application and brewery planning process.

How can a brewery lawyer help keep craft breweries on schedule and TTB compliant?

What is the TTB?

The TTB enforces a variety of federal alcohol laws, rules and regulations that impose requirements and restrictions on brewers operating in (or importing into) the United States. For craft brewers making beer for other than family, friend or personal use, TTB enforces the federal government’s:

  • Permit/license requirements;
  • Labeling requirements for obtaining Certificates of Label Approval (COLAs) for beer bottles and cans;
  • Beer production and storage standards and restrictions;
  • Brewery construction and equipment specifications;
  • Beer advertising requirements and restrictions; and
  • Federal excise taxes levied on craft breweries.

How a Craft Brewery Lawyer Can Help

Federal beer regulations are often complex, and the TTB licensing and approval process is notoriously meticulous. Craft breweries must also comply with applicable state and local laws, rules and regulations. Working with a brewery lawyer can help keep craft brewers on schedule and protected from substantial liability.

Likewise, a brewery lawyer can help address a number of related legal concerns, such as:

  • Business entity formation and counsel;
  • Trademark registration, protection and enforcement;
  • Distribution agreements, employment agreements, commercial lease agreements and other craft brewery-related contracts; and
  • The purchase or sale of a craft brewery.