The United States Army Corps of Engineers (Vicksburg District)(“Corps”) issued a Public Notice referencing an application for a Section 404 Clean Water Act Permit by the City of Monticello, Arkansas (“Monticello”).

The Corps Public Notice states Monticello is applying for a permit to:

  1. regrade incised ephemeral streams along the runway for its airport;
  2. fill an existing borrow pond in small areas of wetlands adjacent to the runway.

The proposed work would take place within the Hurricane Creek watershed part of the lower Ouachita River drainage basin in Drew County, Arkansas.

The project is projected to regrade approximately 2, 801 linear feet of stream channel, fill 0.50 acres of wetlands and 0.39 acres of other waters of the United States. Approximately 10,980 cubic yards of fill will be discharged into the jurisdictional areas.

Monticello is proposing to mitigate the unavoidable loss of jurisdictional impact through an approved commercial mitigation bank.

The purpose of the project is stated to be for airport safety.

A copy of the Corps public notice can be downloaded here.