ESAs consult on conglomerate risk concentration: The three European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) are consulting on draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on risk concentration and intra-group transactions within financial conglomerates under the Financial Conglomerates Directive. The RTS set out which risk concentrations and intra-group transactions within a financial conglomerate should be considered as significant and give guidance to regulators. The consultation closes on 24 October. (Source: ESAs Consult on Conglomerate Risk Concentration)

EBA reports on credit concentration risk guidelines: EBA has published a peer review on the implementation of its guidelines on the management of concentration risk under the supervisory review process (SREP). It found a good standard of compliance among regulators, but noted a few areas for improvement. It will bear in mind the results of the report as it develops the credit concentration risk module in its Single Supervisory Handbook. (Source: EBA Reports on Credit Concentration Risk Guidelines)

EBA issues revised reporting standards: EBA has issued revised final draft implementing technical standards (ITS) on supervisory reporting of asset encumbrance, non-performing exposures and forbearance, and additional monitoring metrics for liquidity. The updated standards mainly introduce additional text and require the removal of data point definitions and validation rules from the already published Implementing Regulation on supervisory reporting. (Source: EBA Issues Revised Version of Some of its Technical Standards)

EBA updates Q&A: EBA has added new questions to its Q&A on the single rulebook. (Source: EBA Updates Q&A)