Mary Kay Inc. has reportedly agreed to settle its claims that clothing and accessories company Michael Kors LLC violated a co-existence agreement involving use of the  initials “MK” by filing applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to register “MK” for  use on a charm attached to an Estée Lauder cosmetic gift bag; under the agreement, Mary Kay  apparently has the exclusive right to use the mark to promote makeup. Mary Kay Inc. v. Michael Kors  LLC, No. DC-13-01663 (tex. Dist. Ct., Dallas Cnty., joint motion to dismiss filed april 2, 2014).  Without indicating the terms of the agreement other than assuming their own litigation costs, the companies stated, “all matters in controversy between  Mary Kay and Michael Kors have been fully compro- mised and settled, and those parties no longer  desire to prosecute their respective claims and counterclaims.” See Law360, April 4, 2014.