The Russian membership in the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs will come into effect on February 28, 2018. Despite that Russia joined the Hague Agreement by signing the Geneva Act back in 1999, it took almost 20 years to ratify and be ready for implementation.

 Starting from the above date, Russia can be designated among other member States, now over 67, in an international design application. The Hague System is similar to the Madrid system of trademark registration, where WIPO, as a centralized body, is entrusted with receiving a single application with the indication of multiple member States, conducting the formal examination, publishing and sending it to the designated States for further national prosecution. 

In Russia, an international design application will, though, be subject to substantive examination by Rospatent, which is foreseen by Russian legislation for national design applications. Therefore, an application may be refused at national level. However, the Hague Agreement requires a member State to reply within 12 months from the date of publication of the international registration, which will reduce the timeframe of examination in Russia by 6 months in comparison with national applications. The registration will, however, come in force in Russia only from the date of forwarding a notification on protection by Rospatent to WIPO.

An international design registration designating Russia will have the same period of protection as Russian national registrations, which is five years with the possibility of renewal each time by five years up to 25 years in total. 

An individual fee will apply to an international design application for designating Russia in the amount of 11.900 rubles (approx. 170 Euros) and 2.500 rubles (approx. 36 Euros) for each additional design belonging to the same group of designs. Renewal fees will gradually increase every five years of protection starting with 18.900 rubles (approx. 270 Euros) for the period between 6th and 10th years and reaching 120.000 rubles (approx. 1.715 Euros) for the last period between 21th and 25th years.