The Tennessee Air Pollution Control Board (“Board”) issued an April 12th Technical Secretary’s Order and Assessment of Civil Penalty (“Order”) to State Industries, LLC (“SI”) addressing alleged violations of an air permit.

The Order states that SI operates a facility in Ashland City, Tennessee.

The Board’s Technical Secretary is stated to have issued a Major Source operating permit (“Title V”) to SI related to the manufacturing of water heaters. Condition E3-5 of the Title V permit is stated to have provided that SI is subject to all applicable requirements of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations Part 63, Subpart DD.0DDD – National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Major Sources: Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Boilers and Process Heaters.

Tennessee Division of Air Pollution Control (“Division”) personnel are stated to have conducted an annual inspection and determined that SI had not conducted the energy assessment and tune-ups for the process heaters at emissions source 19 as required by Condition E3-5 of the Title V permit.

The Division subsequently issued a Notice of Violation to SI for the alleged violations. The company is stated to have then conducted tune-ups for the process heaters at emission source 19. Further, SI conducted energy assessments for the process heaters at emission source 19.

The Order assesses a civil penalty of $1,500.

A copy of the Order can be downloaded here.