On August 13th, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston published a study of non-contractual support provided to money market mutual funds ("MMMFs") by their sponsors during the recent financial crisis. The study finds that at least 21 prime MMMFs would have broken the buck absent a single identified support instance during the most recent financial crisis. It also identifies repeat instances of support (or significant outflows) for some MMMFs during this period such that a total of at least 31 prime MMMFs would have broken the buck when considering the entirety of support activity over the full period. On August 15th, Bloomberg reported William Dudley, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, supports SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro's efforts to impose capital cushions and/or redemption restrictions on MMMFs. Bloomberg further noted that within the SEC, Schapiro's proposal is supported by one Commissioner, while two others oppose it. Whether the fifth Commissioner, Luis A. Aguilar, will vote to allow the proposal to be published for public comment remains unknown. Proponents and Opponents.