The IT workers program has been extended in British Columbia to December 31, 2011. This program facilitates getting work permits for some types of software development occupations.

Employers interested in hiring TFWs for positions located in B.C. in one of the seven occupations covered under the IT workers program will be required to first notify Service Canada and the Ministry of Regional Economic and Skills Development of their offer of employment before proceeding to have the foreign worker apply to CIC to obtain a work permit. An LMO will not be required for IT workers in B.C. covered by the program.

This program has been extended on prior occasions in B.C. It is expected to be replaced by an alternative special program at some point.

Quebec also continues to participate in the program to facilitate the entry of IT workers to that province.

The program does not apply to IT Workers who will work in other provinces. To hire such foreign workers, the employer will usually need to obtain an LMO from Service Canada.

B.C. IT Workers Program Extended to December 31

Job Descriptions and Requirements for Seven IT Occupations