The Ministry of Justice has published the outcome of the consultation ‘Charging Fees in Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal’. Currently bringing a claim or an appeal in the employment tribunal is free of charge, with the costs being met by the taxpayer (estimated to be around £84 million per annum). The introduction of fees will help contribute towards this burden. Previously the Ministry of Justice stated that the aim of this initiative was to reduce the number of weak claims and therefore help businesses.  

The key figures are:  

Level 1 Claims (eg breach of contract, unlawful deductions): £160 issue fee & £230 hearing fee Total = £390

Level 2 Claims (most other claims): £250 issue fee & £950 hearing fee Total = £1200

Employment Appeal Tribunal: £400 appeal fee & £1200 hearing fee Total £1600

Application for review: £100/£350

Application to dismiss following settlement: £60

Judicial mediation: £600  

The aim is to introduce this fee structure by the summer of 2013. The Ministry of Justice has made it clear that the fee structure will be reviewed.