Final antidumping duties to imports of ceramic tableware and loose pieces of tableware (including porcelain) China originating

On 29 May 2018, the Antidumping Agency (UPCI) of the Ministry of Economy published in the Official Federal Gazette the Final Resolution of the antidumping investigation regarding the importation of ceramic tableware and loose tableware, including porcelain, originating from China, regardless of the country of exportation.

By means of such resolution, definitive antidumping duties were imposed to the imports of China with a customs value under the referential price of 2.61 USD per kilogram.

The antidumping duty will be the difference between the customs value of the good and the referential price mentioned above. The goods imported with a customs value equal or above of 2.61 USD per kilogram, are not subject to the payment of the antidumping duty.

In addition, the goods that have a polyester covering, without included decorations or printings and that will be subject to a sublimation printing process, are exempted of paying the antidumping duties.