The FSA has published issue 102 of its Handbook Development newsletter. The newsletter contains:

  • Information about recent FSA Handbook-related and other developments. There have been no FSA Handbook-related or other developments this month.
  • Information about recently issued FSA Handbook-related and other publications. This includes a brief discussion of Feedback Statement 08/5: Definition of Capital - Feedback on DP07/6.
  • An updated timetable for forthcoming FSA publications. In Q4 2008 the FSA plans to publish a joint Consultation Paper with HM Treasury covering trading of MTF shares. In November 2008, the FSA plans to publish a Feedback Statement to Discussion Paper 07/1 - A Review of Retail Distribution.
  • Consumer publications.
  • A link to the FSA’s events web page which provides information about forthcoming conferences and training events.

View Handbook Development (issue 102), 27 August 2008