On August 18, 2015, IP Court held that even though KGT International Corp. ("KGT") had registered its trademark "Click here to view the image" on the goods "travelling cases, hand bags, leather bags, etc." in Class 18, KGT's use of the mark "Click here to view the image", which included an additional oval shape frame to its registered mark "Click here to view the image", on luggage products infringed upon Rimowa's trademark rights associated with the well-known trademark "Click here to view the image" since KGT’s mark ""Click here to view the image" and Rimowa's prior-registered mark "Click here to view the image" both consisted of six letters inside an oval shape frame and shared the same prefix "R" and suffix "A", making them closely similar to each other in design and concept.  The court ordered KGT to pay damages in the amount of NT$3,357,000.