In a time where we are seeing increased foreign investment throughout Africa, the importance of having strong bilateral investment treaties cannot be underestimated. Equally important, is to have a cadre of stakeholders both in the public and private sectors who can assess their effectiveness.

Managing Partner of GENI & KEBE, Mouhamed Kebe, was interviewed by TFM’s L’invité du 20H program with Mamadou Ibra Kane on 11 July 2016 on the topic of assessing Senegal’s bilateral investment treaties (BITs).
The interview focused on the BITs that Senegal has signed with a number of different countries. Mr. Kebe explained the aim of BITs, why Senegal should assess the BITs that it has already signed and take steps to have a uniform template for a BIT. Further, Mr. Kebe suggested that there is value in the member states of ECOWAS to work together to have a regional BIT model, as the SADC countries in southern Africa have achieved. With rapidly expanding foreign investment in sub-Saharan Africa, BITs are central in protecting and promoting the region’s economic interests.
The interview preceded the forum titled "Assessing the Bilateral Investment Treaties signed by the Republic of Senegal'' jointly organized by the African Center of International Law Practice, Access Partnership and GENI & KEBE on 12 July 2016.

The full interview can be watched here: