This week there have been government announcements on TUPE and zero-hours contracts. The latest labour force statistics have also been published, as well as a paper from the DWP on its strategy for helping more people with health problems into work.

Here is a quick snap-shot of developments this week of interest to employers:

  • On 17 December BIS revealed in its seventh statement of new regulation that the TUPE amendment regulations (see our posting here for more details) are due to come into force on 31 January next year.
  • Also on 17 December, the DWP published a paper about its disability and health employment strategy. It points out that there are over 11 million people of working age with long-term heath conditions, of whom only 58% are in work. More support is promised for both employers and individuals to help them find and retain work.
  • The following day the latest quarterly labour market statistics were released, covering August to October. They show that just over 30 million people are now in work, with the number unemployed falling by almost 100,000.
  • Finally, yesterday BIS launched its promised consultation on zero-hours contracts. As expected, the government’s proposals stop short of calling for an out-right ban. It does however believe that abuse of these contracts by employers is possible, and proposes various measures to address this, including an “employer-led” code of practice.