Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst released his interim charges for study late this interim term. The charges include a focus on multiple healthcare issues, primarily limited to the Finance Committee, State Affairs Committee and the Health and Human Services Committee. These Committees should be planning their meetings and will take testimony from subject matter experts regarding issues identified in the charges and will be making recommendations for legislative changes to the next Texas Legislature. The Finance Committee will study tax incentives by employers to provide greater health insurance coverage for employees, funding of public hospitals and the effectiveness of SB 10 Medicaid Reform and other incentives for improving Medicaid program initiatives. The Health and Human Services Committee's focus will be to study and make recommendations regarding how the state can reimburse providers based upon outcomes and quality. In addition, this Committee is charged with studying pandemic influenza and the current availability of resources and private sector involvement to address preparedness. Finally, the State Affairs Committee is charged with continued review of the health insurance market, issues with provider networks, and options for reducing the number of uninsured individuals.