On March 27, 2015, HM Treasury published a consultation paper on its proposed transposition of MiFID II into UK law, including four draft statutory instruments. Member States are required to adopt measures transposing MiFID II by July 3, 2016 and to apply the provisions from January 3, 2017. In addition to the proposed statutory instruments, the FCA will also need to revise current rules and make new rules to transpose MiFID II. The proposed statutory instruments include provisions which create the position limit regime for commodity derivatives, make operating an organized trading facility a regulated activity, bring emission allowances, structured deposits and option and futures within the regulatory perimeter, provide for the exercise of the optional exemptions and transpose other exemptions and impose obligations on certain unauthorized firms in relation to algorithmic trading, provision of direct electronic access services and acting as a general clearing member of the CCP. The consultation closes on June 1, 2015. It is expected that the proposed legislation will be made in 2016.

The consultation page is available at: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/transposition-of-the-marketsin-financial-instruments-directive-ii.