"It is only fair that they have jobs to return to when their service to Canada is complete."

- Premier Ed Stelmach

The addition of reservist leave to Alberta's Employment Standards Code will protect the jobs of some 2,500 Albertans deployed as Reservists in the Canadian Forces. Reservist leave is intended to provide unpaid leave and job protection while Reservists are serving their country internationally, in domestic operations such as natural disasters and for up to 20 days annually for training purposes.

Much like maternity and paternity leave, an employer will soon be prohibited from terminating or laying off a Reservist on reservist leave, except in extraordinary circumstances, and must reinstate a Reservist into the position held prior to the leave or into a comparable position once he or she returns home.

Bill 1 received Royal Assent on Monday, April 20, 2009, and the Employment Standards (Reservist Leave) Amendment Act, 2009 will soon be in full force and effect.