The Chancery Division has provided information detailing some important changes to practice as the court moves toward electronic filing in late 2015. These  changes  (which come into force from 1st October 2014) include the following:

  1. New style claim numbers will be given to all new claims issues after 1 October 2014 and to  existing claims (replacing the current claim number) when a document is first filed after 30  September 2014
  2. Documents lodged with the court will be scanned to the electronic file (it is not yet possible  to file documents electronically direct to the court file). Paper documents will be destroyed by  the court after 6 months. Original documents will be retained provided they are clearly marked as such
  3. A hearing bundle is now required for every hearing, however short. This will be strictly  enforced. The parties must cooperate and bundles must be lodged two clear days before a hearing –  documents can be added to the bundle later on. For without notice applications in the afternoon,  the applicant must bring a bundle if it has not been possible to lodge one in advance
  4. Exhibits to witness statements must generally not exceed 30 pages (5) The parties will be required to provide draft orders in a form which may be approved without  amendment. The presumption will be that the parties, rather than the court, will serve orders. New  rules have also come in for consent order (including Tomlin orders)

Further details can be supplied upon request.