Governor Paterson recently signed 83 bills into law including legislation that will increase consumer protection by requiring the disclosure of rebates on purchases to consumers, and prohibit the manufacture and sale of products containing bisphenol A. The bills signed today also include a new law that will allow victims of bias-related violence to take legal action against a perpetrator, and protect the lawful possession of hypodermic syringes, among several others.  

The bills Governor Paterson signed include S.3296- H/A.6919-D, which will prohibit the sale or offer of sale child care products containing bisphenol A (BPA). BPA, a chemical component of rigid plastic, is used in many consumer products, including those intended for use by young children and babies. BPA is a known endocrine disruptor and while it has not been conclusively proven to harm children or adults, a growing body of science indicates that infants and young children may be vulnerable to serious developmental problems as a result of exposure to BPA.  

"Protecting New York's children is one of the most important roles that a Governor can play," Governor Paterson said. "This law will ensure that a potentially harmful substance is no longer allowed in products used by our smallest and most vulnerable citizens."  

In addition, the Governor signed A.11007-A/S.7609-A, which will require any entity offering a rebate to disclose to the consumer what form the rebate will be issued in, if it is not being offered in cash or check, and if any additional fees related to the rebate may apply.  

"The daunting task of rebuilding our economy and reinforcing consumer confidence must be undertaken in conjunction with improving consumer protection measures and protecting New York's children and most vulnerable," Governor Paterson said. "These bills achieve that goal and will increase confidence in New York's consumers and provide valuable information to keep individuals spending their hard-earned money right here in New York."  

Governor Paterson also signed into law A.529/S.5923, which will allow a victim of bias-related violence or intimidation to be able to initiate civil action against a perpetrator. Currently, no specific civil remedy exists for victims of bias-related acts.  

"All New Yorkers, no matter their race, ethnicity, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or religious beliefs, should be able to live in safety and feel protected by the law," said Governor Paterson. "I am proud to sign this legislation that will increase the protection of more New Yorkers by allowing legal action to be taken upon an incident of bias-related violence."  

In addition to the dozens of bills signed into law today, Governor Paterson vetoed 23 bills, including S.3718-A/A.7282-A, which was in direct opposition to the Governor's efforts at reining in the cost of the New York State pension system.