In the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU’s) report entitled "Measuring the Information Society 2011”, Poland ranks 51st with an index of 1.8 in terms of prices for telecommunications services.

The result was measured on the basis of three price sub-baskets: fixed telephony; mobile telephony; and fixed Internet access. The ICT Indicator is a value derived from the sum of the three sub-baskets (given in $USD) presented as a percentage of monthly GDP per capita divided by three. Based on this indicator, countries are ranked from 1 to 165 (Poland ranks 51, as stated above). According to the Polish Office for Electronic Communications (UKE), Poland’s distant place is mainly due to low GDP per capita rather than high call prices.

The UKE has ordered a similar analysis by Teligen, pursuant to which Poland ranks below the EU average for mobile telephony, fixed Internet above 4Mb/s and above 10Mb/s, slightly above the EU average for fixed-line telephony and on a level close to the EU average for fixed-line telephony.

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