The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA ) has upheld 10 issues relating to Internet advertising for Eighty Twenty Ventures Ltd’s Bootea healthsupplement products, promoted as an effective way to increase metabolism, burn fat and calories, regulate blood sugar levels, aid in digestion, suppress appetite, improve skin health and sleep quality, cleanse and detoxify, and help with weight-loss goals. According to ASA , all of the claims highlighted by the complainant “were health claims.” Noting that while Bootea had removed the specific claims from corresponding pages of its Website, “the same, or similar claims, still appeared elsewhere on the site. Therefore, we considered that Bootea needed to provide evidence to show that the EU Register included authorised claims supporting all the challenged health claims, for at least one of the nutrients or substances within the product.” Bootea was unable to do so, thus ASA concluded that the claims violated the U.K. Code of Nonbroadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing. See ASA Rulings, September 3, 2014.