Kentucky HB 93, which was introduced yesterday, amends KRS 154.27-010 to define many renewable energy terms. It defines "carbon capture ready" to mean planning for or anticipating capture and compression of carbon dioxide in a manner to facilitate continued operation of the facility in compliance with applicable federal requirements. The bill defines a "gasification facility" as: a facility located in Kentucky that is newly constructed on or after August 30, 2007, or an existing facility located in Kentucky that is retrofitted or upgraded on or after August 30, 2007, and that, after the new construction, retrofit, or upgrade, primarily produces for sale:

  1.  Alternative transportation fuels;
  2. Synthetic natural gas;
  3. Chemicals;
  4. Chemical feedstocks; or
  5. Liquid fuels;

from coal, waste coal, coal-processing waste, or biomass resources, through a gasification process. For a retrofit of an existing facility, the new modification or addition within the facility shall primarily produce one (1) or more of the products set forth in this paragraph.

Some of the other terms defined in the amendment include activation date, base amount, capital investment, facility and retrofit.